How to store E-liquid

How to store E-liquid

Posted by TopVape Team on 23rd Jul 2019

If you are an experienced vaper, you probably have multiple bottles of E-Juice around your house. Most of us don’t like going without our favorite flavors, and if you consistently vape, you know buying in bulk is best. So what do we do with the flavors we aren’t currently vaping? Well, we store them. But how we store them is an important task of keeping our yummy e-liquid at its finest.

Storing your e-juice properly and efficiently can be quite simple, when done right. E-liquid, just like any other substance, can go bad when stored improperly. So, if you want to keep those juices staying fresh and delicious, here are a few tips to make certain your e-liquid never goes bad.

Avoiding the Big Three

Three things to keep in mind while storing your e-juice; light, heat, and air. All three of these factors react differently with the chemicals in your e-juice, making it essential to understand what they do and how to avoid them.

Avoiding heat and light are imperative in keeping your flavors at their best. When stored in a warm place, the heat and light together enter into your e-liquid, causing molecules to gain energy. As the molecules heat up, they begin to move faster, causing them to form new chemical bonds. What this can do, is change the chemical composition of your e-juice on a fundamental level, causing both the flavor and color to change. Once the process starts, there is no going back, and your bulk buying goes to waste as your e-juice becomes spoiled.

However, heat and light are not your only foes. Air can also create a different kind of hazard to your e-liquid. A combination of air and light can cause oxidation. When your e-juice becomes oxidized, it loses its freshness after a prolonged exposure to air, causing the color to change and affecting the chemical bonds once again. Air can also degrade the nicotine content of your e-juice, where eventually the nicotine levels are almost non existent. The e-liquid can still be vaped at this point, but you won’t be getting the same effects the nicotine gave you before, making your e-juice obsolete in a way.

Beware the Fridge

The fridge can become a huge no-no when it comes to storing your e-juice properly. Although it sounds like a good idea by keeping your juice away from both heat and light, the fridge can become a worse place to store your liquid. Some things to take into consideration are the different chemicals that make up your e-juice. Each of these chemicals freeze at different temperatures. By making your e-juice too cold, this can cause the same damage as storing it in the heat. The ingredients within your e-liquid will begin to separate, still causing it to go bad.

Another thing to keep in mind, you cannot vape juice that is too cold. The e-liquid begins to thicken, changing how it functions in your device. Although you can take it out of the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature before using, it is still advised to just avoid the fridge all together as there are bacteria from other foods that can cause degradation in your e-juice by inadvertently contaminating it.

The Proper Way to Store that Juice

Keep in mind, heat, cold, light, and air are your enemies, so the best place to keep your e-juice is somewhere dark and room temperature. The back of a cabinet or another dark location where sun light cannot reach your e-juice works best. This way, you avoid too much light or excess heat, while allowing it to stay the perfect temperature.

Another useful tip to acknowledge is to make sure you take out your e-liquids every week for a few minutes to give a good shake. This allows the chemicals and ingredients to stay well mixed for when it comes time to use.

It is also good to switch out your bottles if yours comes in plastic. Plastic is more permeable and even the high-quality plastics can allow air to flow through the bottle. Small glass bottles work best, and keep your e-juice fresh. Now, this doesn’t mean to grab any glass container to throw your liquid in. Remember, air is a foe. So the smaller the better, as it avoids pockets of air to get trapped in the bottle.

If you only keep one bottle at a time, you can still try these tips out to keep your e-juice fresh, but if you plan on buying in bulk, definitely take these tips to heart as it can help in the freshness and overall deliciousness of your liquid. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you in your vape journey, and give you a great vape experience.