What are Nic Salts and How do They Work?

What are Nic Salts and How do They Work?

Posted by TopVape Team on 31st Jul 2019

‘Pod mods’ and ‘nic salts’ are two buzzwords that have been making headlines in the vaping community. But, what exactly are nic salts and how do they work??

Nicotine salt is the natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. It’s also a new way of putting nicotine into juice. What truly makes nic salts a game changer is that this form of nicotine drastically minimizes throat hit, allowing an individual to vape higher levels of nicotine more comfortably.

Nic salts versus freebase

Nic salts have been on the market for some time now with increasingly more brands releasing their own versions of nic salts frequently. Nic salts are the natural nicotine found in tobacco leaves. However, they are comprised of not only nicotine but rather compounds containing nicotine and other organic bits. You can buy nic salts dissolved in PG/VG.

The term ‘freebase’ simply means something is in its purest form, so nicotine without any other elements. Nicotine as a base isn’t very potent unless the protons are removed and it’s not bonded to any other organic bits. Freebase nicotine is used most often because it vaporizes the easiest and binds quickly to the receptors in the brain. Freebase nicotine is what tobacco companies use in their products.

Is one ‘better’ than the other?

With nic salts you get a higher-level percentage of nicotine at one time. Nic salts also last longer in the bottle and degrade less quickly in comparison to freebase liquids, keeping your juice fresh for longer. You won’t need a high-powered device to use nic salts the same way you would with VG heavy juices — usually meaning less complicated gear as well.

You can use a higher level of nicotine than previously possible in high wattage devices like drippers. The power of these high wattage devices used to make throat hit unbearable on anything much higher than 6mg. Nic salts allow you to turn up your nicotine level without hurting your throat.

Nic salts require more heat to vaporize and therefore are considered less effective. Freebase nicotine is absorbed by the body more easily, giving you a quick and powerful ‘hit’. There are some ways around to tinker around this, however. For an example, JUUL added benzoic acid to their nic salts which helps to break down the nicotine during the heating process and thus makes the nicotine more readily absorbed.

It’s not to say that one is better than the other, but more so that they each have their advantages.

Are all nic salts created equal??

Nic salts became popular when the first JUUL pod mod hit the market. Juul has a patent on their specific nic salts formula, but other companies have hopped on the nic salts bandwagon and have begun to come out with their own versions. Different brands of nic salts could react either faster or slower in your body in comparison to traditional juice depending on how it’s made.

Vape happy tip: If you keep multiple bottles around that could have either nic salts or freebase nicotine juices (massively different levels of nicotine!) in them…. be careful to ensure you are refiling your device with the correct juice!

Are nic salts right for me?

Nicotine salts have both positive and negative reviews amongst vapers. Some folks have mentioned they do not yet feel very comfortable utilizing this recent bump nicotine technology. Due to its novelty, there is less research available about nic salts in comparison to freebase juice.

However, the current research states that there is no reason to believe nic salts are any safer than traditional freebase juice. Salt or freebase, the nicotine affects the body in the same way. The issue comes in to play with the benzoic acid. Which, in studies has shown might be harmful to animals in regard to inhalation but we’re not sure exactly what effects it has, if any, on humans long term.

Many vapers feel comfortable using nic salts and rave about its effectiveness. The question remains, are nic salts more satisfying than traditional freebase juice? Some say yes, and some say no. With nic salts, there is the potential to use less juice overall since you should require fewer puffs to feel satisfied. However, with such a high level of nicotine there the potential to over vape and feel nicotine sick.

The future of vaping is ever evolving

So, when it comes to nic salts...go slow and see how you feel before you keep vaping more. It is recommended to use nic salts in a non sub ohm or a pod device for your first go about it. You will be able to tell how strong the nic salt juice is and what it feels like in comparison to the other juices you are accustomed to.

Nic salts are natural nicotine compounds found in tobacco leaves. Nic salts have different properties and attributes that set them apart from freebase nicotine, however, they both have their strengths. What do you think about nic salts? Let us know in the comments! Happy vaping!

Disclaimer: Nicotine salts should ONLY be used in closed low wattage devices.